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To contribute in changing the relationships of the citizen with the institutions, in order for them to meet and respond to the legal requirements to protect children and that they are at the same time respectful with their fundamental rights and with the people that hold their legitimate interest. Chase the public fulfilment of the children’s’ and women’s human rights in context like the present, of Government inaction against the neglect and law abuse of Public Administrations.


Our vision is based in three fundamental pillars, democracy, citizen power, and the right to a happy childhood, without unlawful interference- or the desprotection- of third parties, including the State and the Autonomous Communities. Our Vision intends to be positively transforming and actively inspiring.

Join us

With a contribution of 20 € per month, you can be a partner of the Platform, share and implement your ideas with us, and get all the advantages offered by the Platform in relation to your own particular case. You can also choose a semester payment of € 100 to access all the services and support of the Platform and provide and implement your ideas for change to achieve a more equal and fair society with full recognition of the children’s rights.


The Association also needs people who can support us to carry out our social work. For those who want to collaborate and helps us we have arranged an account number ES08 0081.0065.17.0001852687

What do we do?

Active defense

Protection of minors at risk of mistreatment and abuse because of their parents, relatives, third parties, or by the Administration or the State.

24/7 Support

Everyone in situations of abuse that needs assistance, has at their disposal our mailbox, 7 days a week, to meet their needs.


We offer a full service advice, whether legal, psychological or of social nature. We know how necessary and essential it is to to provide this type of help and assistance.


Representation of the minors and their rights before institutions, organizations and national and international authorities.